In Artist Residences

The cooperative of Craftsmen, Designers and Artists of Fiskars Village founded in 1996, is a unique community where all its members live and work in Fiskars, a small community located to the West of Helsinki, Finland.
This cooperative offers a program of Artists in residence; their objective is to stimulate an exchange between the creative professional residents in Fiskars and artists of all nationalities.
Every two months, they select an Artist and offer them a work space, as well as facilitating contact with the members of the cooperative.
In the summer of 2011 I had the opportunity to be part of their programme Artist in Residence.
The setting and the great support of the members of the cooperative was very important for me in completing my project. It was based on my interest in the art and culture of Finland, and it inspired me and brought about a jewellery collection in which nature and the intense light of the Nordic summer are present in each piece.
The cultural exchange was especially stimulating, as well as the opportunity to exhibit my work and share my experiences and artistic curiosity with the members of the cooperative.

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